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Our Premium Shared hosting is the most common and affordable form of hosting. With shared basic hosting, your website is placed on a server together with many other websites. This makes the costs significantly lower. Most websites don’t need the amount of storage a full server provides, which is why shared hosting can be a great option. Shared hosting is much more affordable than other types of hosting, without limiting the site performance.

Standard Performance
25 Database
Unlimited websites
Chat Support
100 GB storage
Free WordPress install
Free SSL Certificate
Unmetered bandwidth

What can I do with Premium Hosting?


Online shop

Backup server

Moodle Learning Website

Host Web Applications

Host Mobile Application

Comprehensive Site Surveys

Detailed examination of your current or potential premises to understand the existing IT infrastructure and its capabilities.

Cost-Effective Integration

Smart utilization of existing hardware and cabling where feasible, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient approach to infrastructure development. Customized IT Solutions: Tailored solutions ranging from single-user setups to complex multi-user networks, catering to the specific needs of your business.

Scalable and Flexible

Network solutions that grow with your business, offering the ability to expand or scale down as your requirements change.

Efficiency and Productivity

Improved operational efficiency and productivity through faster, more reliable network infrastructure.

Advanced Connectivity

Enhanced network performance and connectivity for seamless operations and data exchange.

Expert Team

Professional team of seasoned IT specialists dedicated to designing and implementing your optimal network infrastructure.

Reliable Support

Ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your network infrastructure remains optimal and issue-free.

Secure Network

Enhanced security measures to protect your network and data from potential threats.


Infrastructure solutions designed with future technology and business growth in mind.


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