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2016, Mar

Japanese Ministry of Defense client

Our Japanese distributor Suncarla has won a tender for securing data contents on distributed DVDs. Cops Crypto data protection is used with our DVD-Cops product..  ... Read more

Japanese Ministry of Defense

2015, Nov

Deutsche Bank renews WebCops

Despite no allowed internet connection, Deutsche Bank has successfully used WebCops for a year now with QR-code scan. Anyone with a web connected smartphone can use it.  ... Read more


2014, August

Triple Gazelle

Link got again in 2014 a Gazelle award thanks to further growth in our turn-over. This is third year in a row that we get this award.


2014, May

USB 3.0 protection

Our USB-protection has now been enhanced to work with modern USB 3.0 sticks. These are of course still usable in USB-2.0 plugs.  .. Read more


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